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Cheetah Precision specializes in 5 axis/vertical/horizontal CNC Milling, Lathe Turning and Swiss manufacturing. We have multiple machining divisions, all under one roof, to service your needs top to bottom. We specialize in complex parts that require high-level expertise in machining execution.

Cheetah Precision can run prototype parts and perform short runs. We have the automation and systems in place to do production work as well. With our vast in-house capabilities, we can ensure speed, efficiency, and quality in producing the parts you require.

For over 40 years Cheetah has taken great pride in its longstanding customer relationships with leaders in the: Medical, Aerospace, Military, Defense, Automotive, Food Processing, Testing Equipment, Specialty Machinery, Packaging, and Material Handling industries.




ITAR Registered, Cyber Secure, ISO certified, and ready to service your advanced aerospace/defense/military part production needs. Cheetah Precision manufactures tight-tolerance, hard to machine structural and technical components. We have experience working with a multitude of exotic materials and manufacture the best quality military and defense parts from a multitude of exotic, lightweight, versatile and standard materials. We have experience in Missile and Rocket components, Turret assemblies, Flanges, Helicopter/Tank/Ship components, Valve Bodies, Launch System components, Suppressors, Weapon Sub-System components, Actuators and more. 


Medical Device Components

We are long tenured medical machining specialists! The medical industry requires parts be made from specific/exotic materials, to exacting standards of precision, with extreme consistency and repeatability. Cheetah Precision manufactures parts for the Bio-Medical, Optical, Surgical, Electronic, Testing, Photonics, X-Ray and Large Part Manufacturing markets. 


Prototype and Special Projects

Special engineering or research project? Headed to space, or 10,000 leagues under the sea? At Cheetah Precision, we understand the specific nature of first-run machined parts that absolutely must be made to the most exacting specifications. Our capabilities make us a favorite of many Universities, the Government and Private Entities. Send us your parts, we can help make them a reality! 


Test and Simulation

Cheetah Precision specializes in manufacturing component parts included in a multitude of today’s top testing equipment from worldwide industry leaders. Our parts are present in Biomedical, Tension, Compression, Fatigue, Fracture, Crash, Durability and Impact testing equipment. We manufacture Crossheads, J-Cranks, Bell Cranks, Base Plates, Spindle Adaptors and a multitude of others.


Fluid Handling

Cheetah Precision is a specialist in manufacturing parts built to service and withstand the rigors of high-pressure, corrosion free environments. We manufacture high-precision Manifolds, Valve Bodies, Control Valves, Spool Valves and other fluid handling components from a multitude of materials. We can meet your specific part manufacturing requirements including custom drilling, tapping, ports, grooves, seal glands. 



Manufacturers have to meet strict requirements for all of their food handling and processing equipment. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) require food manufacturing businesses and processing plants to retain very high standards both in equipment and components…



From the world’s most prestigious Formula 1 and Formula E race tracks to the rigors of production testing procedures, Cheetah Precision has the equipment to keep our customers at the forefront of technology. Auto manufacturing is a complex, multi-step process. Precision machined parts are crucial to producing a quality end product…


Our CNC Mills/Lathes are CAD/CAM supported using GibbsCam software, order processing, and product workflow is controlled by JobBoss Software. We have the ability to import your electronic files directly, thus reducing the chance of mistakes and improving accuracy. Our file converters can handle input from a wide variety of CAD systems.

Is ISO 9001 Still Relevant?

ISO Certified

ITAR Registered

Cyber Secure

Multi Axis CNC
Swiss Turning
Heat Treatment
Counter Sinking
Flat Stamping
Carbon and Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel

What We Do | Cheetah Precision

Cheetah Precision is not your typical “machine shop.” We are a multi-faceted service provider.

Cheetah Precision is a specialized full-service manufacturer of precision machined parts. Cheetah Precision can be your manufacturing partner from part inception, design and prototyping, all the way through to fully scaled production runs.

We have multiple machining divisions, all under one roof, to service your needs top to bottom. Our capabilities include 5-axis milling, lathe turning/milling, swiss machining, vertical and horizontal milling along with a host of secondary and post-secondary services. With our vastin-house capabilities, we can ensure speed, efficiency, and quality in producing the parts you require.

Industries Served

From one-off medical and aerospace prototypes to ultra-tight tolerance electro-position sensing parts to giant hydraulic manifolds, Cheetah Precision boasts an arsenal of equipment capable of machining the most intricate parts that virtually any industry application may require. We have the equipment and experience to carry out all the tasks required by the industries we serve. Cheetah Precision is willing to take on the jobs that other custom part providers avoid.

Test and Simulation Parts

Consumer products today are subjected to a wide variety of rigorous stress, strain, reliability, and durability tests. Cheetah Precision specializes in manufacturing component parts included in a multitude of today’s top testing equipment from worldwide industry leaders.

Our parts are present in the best tensile, stress, compression, flex, fatigue, fracture, torsion, bend and tear testing equipment, just to name a few. Cheetah Precision is a leader in production parts for real-time simulator parts for the automotive, military and performance motorsports industries where ride comfort, long-term reliability, and quality are of utmost importance.

Cheetah Precision manufactured parts are found in many of the most progressive equipment on the market.


New project? Need test parts? Cheetah Precision offers full prototype services for all industries and applications. We can produce initial one-off parts, advanced prototypes and assist you in going to full production of your parts. From start to finish, we are here to help.


ITAR-Registered, ISO-Certified, and equipped with Cyber Secure communication. Cheetah Precision is recognized by the US Government and is ready to service your advanced high-tech production needs, and we are well versed in working with exotic materials, processes, and dynamic specs.

Automotive Performance

From consumer vehicles to motorcycles to off-road and open-wheel racetracks around the world, Cheetah Precision manufactures precision-made automotive component parts. We specialize in drive system, suspension, ride-testing, and electric/clean energy-powered vehicle components. Cheetah Precision is an industry leader in the rapidly evolving green automotive and performance markets. Our parts are built to test, drive and improve the products that move the world.
See our parts on a variety of industry-leading vehicles, including the Formula-E race circuit!

Medical Device Components

We service a broad range of medical device components, including orthopedics, surgical and dental equipment, and testing products. In this rapidly changing market, Cheetah Precision has a reputation for producing components for some of the biggest industry names in the world. Cheetah has the ability and qualifications to meet and exceed your part requirements.

Fluid Handling / Hydraulic

Need a large manifold, valve body, or another type of dynamic fluid handling part? We can do it!

Milling, boring, tapping, turning and drilling are all done in-house at Cheetah Precision. And we can provide the quality testing required using our ZEISS CMM equipment.

Food Service

Food service equipment resides in its own realm of FDA requirements, exotic materials, and specific part requirements. For over 40 years, Cheetah Precision has been producing parts for the food service industry’s leading companies. Let our experience work in your favor.

Quality Assurance

Have an intricate part? Have a large part? Bring your most intricate parts – we can make them for you, and have them inspected in our state-of-the-art quality CMM department. We boast an arsenal of the latest ZEISS testing equipment.

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