Equipment / Machine List

Makino F9


The F9 large, vertical machining center is designed to provide power, speed, precision, and versatility.

The F9 is designed to to attack both large production part applications as well as big die and mold components by provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free, heavy cutting, roughing and finishing on the same machine, agility for high-speed / hard-milling and accuracies for tight-tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3-D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production.  The unique machine design provides unparalleled access to ease setup and changeover reducing WIP and overall lead-time.

MAKINO F9 Technical Specifications

Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G

Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G

Unparalleled accuracy, productivity, and quality
The Mycenter-HX250G utilizes a powerful 15HP 15,000min-1 (Optional 30,000min-1), #30 dual contact spindle offering up to 70N•m of max torque and pre-plumbed for coolant through the spindle to easily handle high-velocity machining on a wide range of materials. Kitamura’s Intelligent Advanced Control System coupled with a spindle oil-cooling unit promote efficiency and reduces heat displacement while allowing for maximum cutting gains in precision cutting operations.
Kitamura Bridgecenter

Kitamura Bridgecenter

Ultra high speed and high precision
• Well suited for large part machining requiring increased rigidity and higher levels of precision and accuracy. Perfect for roughing and finishing of large cavities and cores in the die/mold industry.

• Patented double column bridge-type design provides expansive work envelope and superior rigidity

• Ultra high speed and high precision contour control for smoother and faster machining. 2,800 block/sec. processing speeds

• 13,300 Lb table capacity provides added benefits for larger, heavier, more powerful machining

Kitamura Bridgecenter Technical Specifications



For construction equipment manufacturing

The a92 brings high-efficiency machining to large part production. Designed for unparalleled stiffness and rigidity, the a92 is the ideal machine platform for diesel engine block and construction equipment manufacturing. High-thrust forces can be applied throughout the work zone without traditional limitations. This high performance translates to higher quality production, higher versatility and reliability—all contributing to a lower cost of manufacturing for those serving in agriculture, energy and construction equipment manufacturing industries.

MAKINO a92 Technical Specifications

DMG Mori 50


5 axis capability

Our DMG Mori 50 universal milling machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining. The DMU 50 is ushering in a new era for workshops, training, laboratories and tool, fixture and mould making. These CNC universal milling machines are characterized by innovative mechanical engineering technology. Highlights such as digital drives in all axes and on the main spindle, rapid traverse up to 30 m/min, acceleration of 5 m/s² and motor spindles rated at up to 18,000 rpm increase the dynamics of the DMU 50.

DMG Mori 50 Technical Specifications


Okuma LB15 Lathe9″dia x 15″4,000 rpm
Okuma LB10 Lathe9″dia x 15″4,000 rpm
Okuma LB15 Lathe Big Bore Lathe9″dia x 15″4,000 rpm
Okuma LB15 Lathe9″dia x 15″4,000 rpm
Okuma LB25 Lathe14″dia x 25″3,500 rpm
Okuma LB25 Lathe14″dia x 25″3,500 rpm
Okuma LB25 Long Bed Lathe14″dia x 49″3,500 rpm
Okuma L47014″dia x 49″3,500 rpm
Okuma LB45 – 111 – 2000 Lathe26″dia x 81″2,800 rpm
Citizen M32 Swiss1.25″dia6,000 rpm
Citizen M32 Swiss1.25″dia6,000 rpm
Citizen L20 Swiss.75″dia6,000 rpm
Matsuura RA-4G20″dia x 40″12,000 rpm
Kitamura BridgeCenter31″ x 68″ x 100″10,000 rpm
Le Blonde 156 MAKINO24″ x 60″4,000 rpm
Kitamura 4XIF5020″ x 20″ x 23″20,000 rpm
Kitamura MyCenter 7X60.2″ x 25.6″ x 27″10,000 rpm
MAKINO F963″ x 31.5″ x 26″20,000 rpm
Kitamura 4XI20″ x 40″ x 23″20,000 rpm
Fanuc A04B RoboDrill11″ x 15″ x 19″24,000 rpm
Fanuc T21 RoboDrill11″ x 15″ x 19″10,000 rpm
Okuma MC50VA20″ x 40″4,000 rpm
OKK pcv 5520″ x 40″6,000 rpm
Matsuura RA 4G20″ x 40″ 6,000 rpm
MAKINO A9937″ x 39″ x 39″12,000 rpm
MAKINO A51NX23″ x 22″ x 22″14,000 rpm
Kitamura HX500i34.25″ x 25.6″ x 27″10,000 rpm
MAKINO A61 28″ x 25″ x 26″14,000 rpm
Enshu 800V-230″ x 32″ x 100″10,000 rpm
MAKINO A5123″ x 22″ x 22″14,000 rpm
MAKINO A5123″ x 22″ x 22″14,000 rpm
MAKINO A92x59″ y49″ z22″10,000 rpm
Matsuura HP Plus 63034″ x 36″ x 41″12,000 rpm
Le Blonde MAKINO MCB 121’032″ x 41″ x 44″4,000 rpm
Kitamura MyCenter HX800ILT55″ x 49″ x 59″8,000 rpm
Okamoto16″dia x 24″
Carl Zeiss Contura G2 XT35.5″L x 27.5″W x 20.5H”Indicating Micrometers/Calipers
Carl Zeiss G2 AKIN73.25″L x 39.5″W x 20.5H”Plug/Thread Gages
Carl Zeiss Prismo Navigator88.5″L x 47″W x 34.75H”Gage Blocks
Micro View Vision Machine
Marvel Saw
Four Forklifts up to 5,000 lb