Horizontal MillingAt Cheetah Precision, we have horizontal milling machines that are essential in helping us turn out high-quality precision metal parts for our clients all over the nation. Our technologically advanced, computer-controlled horizontal milling machines do a great job of turning out precision metal parts that require close tolerance finishes. Specialized machines like these are what makes make us at Cheetah Precision one of the most in-demand full-service manufacturers of precision machined parts in the entire country. 

What is a Horizontal Milling Machine?

These sophisticated metal shaping machines look similar to our versatile vertical precision milling machines turned on their side. This position gives these machines an advantage over vertical milling machines. Horizontal milling machines take on more complicated tasks than those done on vertical milling machines. Its horizontal positioning also allows it to be more aggressive when removing material from a piece of metal. 

With their enhanced computer controls, horizontal milling machines can also quickly handle large volume projects despite their complexity. These machines have been around longer than their vertical milling cousins.  

These can perform their job utilizing a rotating spindle. The spindle fits with a variety of cutting heads to accomplish different tasks. They are used mainly for shaping, routing, boring, and drilling metals, and are precise enough to be used on even softer solid materials too. 

The product placed on the machine’s table is held in place by an extremely strong vice grip type device. Just like vertical milling machines, these, too, come with both turret mill and bed mill style machines. 

What Types of Customers Do We Typically Serve? 

Our nationwide customer database includes companies such as those in the Fluid Handling, Specialty Machinery, Packaging, Food Service, Automotive, and Medical Device Component industries. We also serve many clients that work in the Military, Defense, Specialty Machinery, Packaging, and Aerospace Industries. Our experienced and well-trained staff at our ISO certified and ITAR Registered company will help out any business that is interested in having us make prototype or small & large lot precision-made machined parts for them. 

Interested companies that would like more information on our horizontal milling or other high accuracy metal shaping services can visit our contact page or can call Cheetah Precision at 651-633-4566. 

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