ITAR Compliance Checklist

ITAR Compliance ChecklistCheetah Precision is a 100% ITAR compliant company. Being ITAR-compliant is a must in the USA for a business like us that makes parts to exacting standards for all types of industries. Some of which are used in military and associated goods production. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is a set of regulations pertaining to US export laws that seek to control the flow of sensitive technologies out of the country. How do we as a business remain in compliance at all times with ITAR? It starts with having a comprehensive checklist that helps us keep a close eye on the precision parts that we export.  

Why is a Checklist for ITAR Compliance Important?

It’s no secret that one of the most often committed export errors by businesses is their failure to maintain high ITAR compliance standards. This can lead to many unwanted problems for any business that exports goods overseas and severely impact that business’s reputation. This is something that we never want to have to deal with and by having a proper ITAR checklist competed when exporting any goods, we should never have to. 

The benefits that we get from using a well-thought-out ITAR checklist when exporting our precision parts include:

  • It gives us a simpler way to manage our export operations while remaining ITAR compliant at all times
  • The checklist enables us to stay an export company that holds itself to high standards and maintains an excellent reputation in the industry because of that
  • This checklist helps us streamline our valuable export operations
  • It helps save time and money because we are better able to avoid paying fines and operating under the extreme scrutiny that comes with ITAR violations
  • Our employee’s morale is also kept at a higher level because they know they will not lose their jobs because of lost export licenses or our company being restricted from getting DOD related contracts

The importance of all of these aspects of ITAR compliance is something that we take very seriously. 

What’s Included in Cheetah Precision’s ITAR Checklist

There are four important aspects of our ITAR checklist that we are uncompromising on. These include:

  1. Determining ITAR compliance based on several different categories. The most important of which are registrations, licenses, and voluntary disclosures. 
  2. Providing photo evidence that our ITAR compliance checklist has been followed carefully
  3. Document that we have taken immediate corrective actions for non-compliance issues
  4. Verifying that all relevant signatures have been added to the ITAR checklist and copies of the ITAR compliance report are distributed properly for double-checking and stored in a manner that they can be easily accessed if required.

Those companies that would like to know more about our ITAR compliance practices are always welcome to call us and discuss this further. 

For more information on our ITAR-registered and consistently high-quality precision machining services, call Cheetah Precision at 651-633-4566.