Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G

The Mycenter-HX800G is designed to handle your largest part machining requirements. It easily handles workpieces up to Ø1,525 (Ø60.0″) x 1,550mm (61.0″) H. The HX800G has a table load capacity of 3,000kg (6,600Lbs). Standard full 4th axis for easier set-up of more complex parts.

Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G

Kitamura Mycenter-HX800G Technical Specifications

Table800 x 800 mm
Travel X1,550 mm
Travel Y1,300 mm
Travel Z1,400 mm
Spindle TaperNST No. 50
Spindle Speed35~12,000rpm (8,000rpm Opt.) – Gear Drive, 4-Step
Total Storage Capacity62 Pcs. (122, 162,212 Opt.)
Tool Change Time (T-T/C-C):2.1 sec. /5.9 sec.
Rapid Feed (X,Y,Z)2,362ipm (60m/min)
Rapid Feed (B)9,000deg./min. (25rpm)
Power Requirement:70KVA

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