The a92 brings high-efficiency machining to large part production. Designed for unparalleled stiffness and rigidity, the a92 is the ideal machine platform for diesel engine block and construction equipment manufacturing. High-thrust forces can be applied throughout the work zone without traditional limitations. This high performance translates to higher quality production, higher versatility and reliability—all contributing to a lower cost of manufacturing for those serving in agriculture, energy and construction equipment manufacturing industries 


MAKINO a92 Technical Specifications

Pallet800 x 1,000 mm
Travel X1, 520 mm
Travel Y1,250 mm
Travel Z1,350 mm
Spindle RPM10,000 (8K, 20K)
Spindle TaperCAT50 (HSK-A100 opt)
Rapid Traverse50,000 mm/min
Cutting Feedrate50,000 mm/min
Maximum Workpieceø1,500 x 1,500 mm
Maximum Payload2,000 kg (option 3,000 kg)
ATC Capacity40 (60, 92, 148, 204, 316)
Tool to Tool1.9 sec
Chip to Chip5.4 sec
Maximum Tool Diameter356 mm (40/60 ATC), 350 mm (92 ATC and larger)
Maximum Tool Weight30 kg (40/60 ATC), 35 kg (92 ATC and larger)

The MAKINO a92 is one of the most dependable and impressive machines at Cheetah Precision. With over 40 years in the custom manufacturing business, we have acquired top-level equipment to service the precision manufacturing needs of our clients from different industries. You can contact Cheetah Precision at 651-633-4566 to learn more about our services, or to request a quote.

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