What Does a Precision Metal Fabricator Do?

Precision Metal FabricatorWhat does a precision metal fabricator do? Today, computers and machines are typically used for precision machining and manufacturing. Is there still a demand for humans to serve as metal fabricators? The short answer to this would be yes. Although computers and machining equipment are very important in precision machining, nothing beats the human eye and human judgment to make sure that everything is done correctly and precisely. Also, these fabricators are trained to program these computers and setup these machines. 

Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal parts through bending, cutting, and assembling. A metal fabricator is a person that has received education and training to get these things done. Although precision machining relies greatly on computers and machines for better accuracy and efficiency, precision metal fabrication may require some manual labor too. That’s where the metal fabricator’s job starts. 

The Tasks of a Precision Metal Fabricator

Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) lists down the typical tasks of precision metal fabricators: 

  1. Precision metal fabricators are tasked to read blueprints so they can learn the proper way of cutting, bending, forming, and assembling metal parts. 
  2. Metal fabricators must also be knowledgeable in calculating tolerances and dimensions – they typically use calipers and micrometers, among other tools. 
  3. When necessary, they use machine tools including shapers or grinders, bending and forming tools, saws, punch press, and press brakes. 
  4. They are also the ones assigned to program and set up high-tech cutting machines such as those in our Equipment list. 
  5. Finally, they measure, examine, and test all parts that have been completed to ensure they have the correct specifications. 

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