The Importance of Developing a Product Prototype

product prototypeA product prototype offers a physical, often a functional and working model, of a particular product that is developed prior to manufacturing. The prototype is inspected, tested, and approved before it can be given a go signal to manufacture.

Because prototyping may take quite a bit of time and is also an added expense, some companies skip this step and just rely on digital models or sketches before manufacturing a product. However, creating a prototype of a product is a crucial process and offers plenty of benefits and advantages.

6 Reasons a Product Prototype is Worth Developing

Here are only some of the many reasons prototyping is worth it.

Make necessary adjustments in colors, textures, and overall design

Products are definitely different when seen on a computer screen or on paper. Developing a prototype allows you to make adjustments to the overall design when you already see the actual product.

Find flaws for better quality assurance development

A product type can show you flaws and possible problems with your product before you mass produce. This means you can already spot flaws or features and specifications that do not meet production standards.

Find efficiencies that can help cut down costs

Especially when you are mass producing, product prototyping can help you identify parts of your product that can be more efficient so you can help cut down costs.

Determine whether any tool or equipment adjustments are necessary

Simply planning or designing a product can sometimes be not enough to determine the right tools and equipment to use when manufacturing a product. You can make such adjustments in the prototyping stage.

Improve the product’s overall integrity and functionality

Much like finding flaws and making necessary adjustments, you can make a lot of improvements on the final product when you begin with a prototype.

Identify the true cost of manufacturing and production

It would be easier to determine the real production or manufacturing costs when you build a prototype first. This can help you with budget planning and even pricing later on.

Contact Cheetah Precision for Professional Prototyping Services

Developing a product prototype is certainly an important step in the manufacturing process. It is also important to work with a company that can provide you with professional prototyping services for your project. At Cheetah Precision, we have worked on countless product prototyping projects over the years with some of the top companies in a variety of industries. We are here to help you, too. Contact us at 651-633-4566 to discuss your prototyping needs today!

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