prototype engineerWhen a designer or prototype engineer a brand new model, they usually do it on paper. They sometimes do it on their computer, too. The initial product is called a prototype. A prototype is simply a basic form of the actual product or system. It is a working model but it does not have all of the features or the functionality of what you will see on the final system. 

There are two types of prototypes: Offline and Online. An offline prototype includes sketches on paper, storyboards, and mock-ups on cardboard. Online prototypes can be computer animations, video presentations, scripting language programs or codes, or apps. 

Why is Prototyping Important? 

Prototyping, which is commonly done by a prototype engineer, offers a lot of benefits. It is important because it will help save a lot of money as compared to just trial and error processes that involve the final or end product. Especially when you are producing or manufacturing large quantities, you can prevent wasting materials when you go through prototyping first. 

Also, when you create a prototype, you can identify problems you may encounter early on. Even before you produce the final product or design, you can already correct these problems. 

What Does a Prototype Engineer Do? 

While practically anyone can create a prototype if they want to, it is best to work with a prototype engineer to ensure that all steps necessary are undertaken.

When designing a prototype, the engineer typically goes through some steps such as:

  1. Prototype Planning
  2. Identifying and Refining Objectives
  3. Identifying the Data Needed for the Prototype
  4. Developing the Prototype
  5. Reviewing the Feasibility
  6. Accessing the Prototype’s Impact
  7. Creating and Updating All Documentations

Expert Prototyping With Cheetah Precision

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