Prototype Manufacturing

We do much specialty work here at Cheetah Precision that we are very proud of because we consistently meet and exceed our client’s expectations with the precision parts manufacturing tasks that they ask us to do for them. One of these is our highly-rated prototyping process. Sure, we are a company that has state-of-the-art equipment such as high-end CNC machines and the latest and best CAD and CAM computer software but we realize that it takes more than that to get great prototyping results. Quite frankly, it’s the people we have in place in our design, machining, sales, and other departments that bring it all together and make it work. We feel it’s what truly separates us from our competition. Here is how our staff and employees enable us to be a well-rounded prototyping manufacturer.

Prototype Manufacturing

We Help Make Good Ideas Even Better

Most of our clients are very good and very creative when it comes to generating prototype part concepts. We have seen some amazing prototype part designs come across our desks and get displayed on our computer screens. One also has to keep in mind that our team deals with several different prototyping projects every single working day of the year. That adds up to a lot of experience when it comes to prototype manufacturing. We are not afraid to put that extensive prototyping knowledge base that we have to work for you and our other clients. 

Our designers, management team, and others involved in our prototyping processes often see something that can be improved in a design or modified slightly to make your finished prototype part work even better for you. That’s why as we create your prototype part, we may make suggestions that will positively impact its quality, functionality, appearance, durability, or will lower its manufacturing cost. Keep in mind that although we may make suggestions that can enhance your prototype part, we never will go so far as to try and radically change your design concept. That’s not what we are here for.

Timely Updates are Also a Part of Our Process 

Although our prototype part projects are usually completed at a faster rate than our industry’s standards, it still takes time to create a prototype part that’s made to the most exacting specifications. Taking the necessary time to complete a prototype part so it fits seamlessly into your product manufacturing process is what we are all about. We also realize that you have a vested interest in the prototype part that we are creating for you and that’s why we will constantly keep you updated on the status of your prototype part’s progress. This includes what phase of the manufacturing process the part is currently in, any problems that we have encountered during the manufacturing of it, and what our anticipated date of delivery is. We know that the better informed you are about the status of your prototype part, the easier it is to make strategic decisions on your end regarding that part and the product it is being used to help build. 

To Us Even the Small Things Matter

To us, every aspect of our prototype part manufacturing process is important. That’s why when we are creating a prototype part for you, every phase of its manufacturing process such as design, shaping, and testing, will be done in the most meticulous way possible. It’s a time-tested method for transforming prototype parts designs into impactful parts that will meet or exceed the manufacturing standards that were specified to us. This is why such clients as 3M, Team Penske, Tecnadyne, and Beckman-Coulter trust us to successfully handle their prototype part needs. Get in touch with us and learn how our talented employees can manufacture a prototype part for you that will leave you extremely satisfied with the results.  

At Cheetah Precision, it’s our people that really set us apart from other manufacturers in the prototyping industry. Call us at 651-633-4566 to learn more about our prototype manufacturing services! 

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