vertical millingYears ago, one of the most commonly used tools to produce precision metal parts was the drill press. But it was only capable of making smooth bore or threaded holes. Someone discovered that this vertically spindling axis technology can do more. Hence, the vertical milling machine was born. 

Now, these advanced computerized machines are designed to meticulously remove material from metal cutouts to make highly precise parts. At Cheetah Precision, we help produce quality precision parts for our nationwide network of customers through our multiple state-of-the-art vertical milling machines at our 40,000 sq. ft facility in New Brighton, MN. 

Types of Vertical Mills

There are two types of vertical milling machines. They are as follows:

Bed Mill

In a bed mill, the rotating cutting spindle only moves up or down on the same axis. The table the material is placed on moves perpendicularly to the spindle.

Turret Mill

In a turret mill, the rotating spindle is always in a fixed position to its material removal tasks. The table can move up and down or side to side during the part cutting process. 

The Advantages of Vertical Milling

One of the most common uses of vertical milling machines is to shape metal that only has to have material removed on one side. These are also very versatile machines as they are made to help precision manufacture only smaller machined parts or work with bulk metal material that is up to 20 square feet in size. 

Vertical milling machines tend to be very easy to work around and keep an eye on the material removal process because of their mostly open design. Because of their computerized controls and their large number of available models, the parts produced by advanced vertical milling machines also tend to cost less than parts produced by other types of precision machining services. 

Who Can Make Use of Vertically Milled Parts?

At Cheetah Precision, we are privileged to supply vertically milled parts to several industries. This includes companies that work in the Automotive, Fluid Handling, Medical Equipment Component, and Food Service industries. We also partner with the Department of Defense, Military, and many aerospace-related companies to provide them with the precision vertically milled parts that they require. 

Our company is fully ISO Certified and ITAR Registered too. Our prototyping team has decades of experience, and can deliver among the highest quality standards in the market. The sensitive prototype data that our clients entrust us with is also kept safe by the extensive cybersecurity protocols that we keep in place at all times. Learn more about Cheetah Precision, our quality-assured vertically milling services, and other precision machining services we offer by calling us at 651-633-4566.

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