What Is ITAR Registration?

ITAR Compliance ChecklistITAR registration is on the list of defense services, technical data, and article providers in the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. The DDTC needs to have information on the companies doing business in this sector because national security is attached to it.

The acronym ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Here is what you use the ITAR registration for:

  • License application
  • To get approvals and exemptions

Who Needs to Do ITAR Registration?

Every company in the supply avenue of United States Munitions List services, goods, and data needs to register for ITAR. It includes:

  • Designing companies
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Brokers
  • Distributors

ITAR Registration Requirements

1. Statement of registration and supporting documents

Fill out a statement of registration and attach documents showing that your business is allowed to do business in the U.S. Both must be reviewed and approved by a signature by an authorized senior officer.

The registration statement includes the following information; your name, address, and that of partner (s), board of directors and senior officers, company’s structure, and any other company involved.

If you are a broker, you need to provide detailed information on what activities you will perform. The officer is also responsible for checking if you are eligible to get approval to do business with government agencies. It includes a criminal record check. They are also the ones to submit the form to the DDTC.

2. Registration fee

Registration should take about 45 days. You will pay a registration fee after the DDTC has approved your application. After registration, you will receive a code. It is confidential and should not be shared with unauthorized people. You will also receive guidelines that the company should follow when doing business.

A yearly renewal is required from thereon. Before getting a renewal, your compliance is reviewed. You can fasten the process by starting not more than sixty days before the expiration.

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Consequences of ITAR Violation

A company that does not comply with the ITAR can face civil and criminal penalties, fines, and jail time for the owners. It also faces being banned from exporting, and losing its reputation. Fraudulent or misleading compliance also puts the United States’ security at stake, and is a serious federal crime.

As a company, Cheetah Precision is fully compliant with ITAR registration. We are an approved and active Department of Defense contractor, and we actively perform work in the defense sector

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